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25 May

Quick snaps from our little corner of the world.




31 Oct

From our little pumpkin to yours.


18 Jun

Daddy Toms.

Baby Toms.

Homemade biscuits.

Too full + lazy to clean house.

Father’s Day success!!


29 May

Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We spent the days warming up in the sun, eating hot dogs (I heart processed meat) and enjoying our little corner of the world. Charlie went swimming for the first time…ever!! It’s exciting to think I have a lifetime of seeing this little man discover the world. Also, I got confirmation that I am indeed a mom…I can’t bring myself to wear a bikini. I wonder if the next phase of the transformation will involve couponing and a bob haircut? Alls-I-know-is as soon as I put my one-piece, everything was right with the world again.

And check out this amazing locket mah boo gave me for our 2-year anniversary/baby mama gift. Amazing.


12 Apr

Dear Blog,

So I guess it’s been a while (totally understated). I know I haven’t posted in about…9ish months. Something big happened and I hope you can forgive me. See, there is this boy that came into my life and I have been so busy falling madly in love these past few months, I lost track of time. I was a blind date and the moment I saw him, I knew there was not going back. He is wonderful, amazes me every day and I hope he will inspire you the same way he does me. So please forgive my absence and let me introduce you to my little Charlie man….sigh…I am one proud mama.

Pregnancy pictures by the super talented Briana Wollman.


28 Apr

Here is a sneak peek at our new Salt + Pepper Press nursery poster. This adorable art poster can be fully customized with your nursery colors and baby’s name. With its’ bright colors, vintage inspired graphics and Mother Goose nostalgia, it’s sure to be a sweet addition to any nursery.


5 Apr

I had so much fun teaming-up with Blue Mutt Photography to create these adorable birth announcements for little Madison. Her bright and warm photographs of Madison worked perfectly with the vibrant green and pink accent colors that adorn little Maddie’s nursery. The hard part was picking just one to use for the announcement.


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