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26 Jul

I am proud to introduce my first collection that is based on my love for handwritten type. I will continuously be adding to the Calligraphy Collection and keep an ongoing collection. Eventually, I would love to have a full collection for any/every pen + ink occasion. Jump on over to the shop to get one of your own.




28 Jan

I had the pleasure of designing and printing a birthday invite for the most adorable little boy I know. He was such a great client and had only one request: MONKEYS!! What a blast creating this brightly colored postcard invite, thank you card and personal note card. Soon you will be able to go bananas too and get your own at the S+P shop.


15 Nov

After a much needed cleaning session, my new press Chandler was ready to print. With a little elbow grease and tons of simple green, I was able to remove 100 years of ink buildup, rust and old paint. Humm..(eyes tearing up)….I am totally in love with my new press. He prints beautifully with crisp lines and bold colors. Here is a little sneak peek at our holiday card.

Sookie keeping an eye out and making sure everything runs smoothly.


30 Aug

I had the great pleasure of working with Chad and Tressie Zellner of Two Pair Photography. This adorable couple is expecting their first baby Zellner. It was so much fun to collaborate on colors and looks. We created this adorable elephant design and made sure to print it in their baby colors (yellow, orange and red).

It was a great feeling to be able to return the favor, after they did such a wonderful job with our wedding and engagement photos. I can’t wait to see the all the amazing photos that are going to come about once cute little baby Zellner is born.

Here is a little video of the Baby Zellner Thank You card on press while printing the orange plate first.



14 Jul

In honor of Bastille Day, let’s take a “promenade” through beautiful french inspired paper. I don’t know about you, but today is going to be filled with delicious crepes, mussels, bread, wine and my favorite….cheese! Wishing everyone “joyeusee fetes”.

pic via Sycamore Street Press

I am trying to figure a place in my house to hang these beautiful paper cut map of Paris.

It’s amazing to see what people can produce with just paper and a blade.

pics via Famille Summer Belle

pics via Studio Kmo

pics via Lark

via Blue Ribbon Design

pic via Duet Letterpress


13 Jul

Brighten someones day with a little “Hello”. This is one of my favorites that I have done so far. It’s so versatile and great to have on hand. I have used this card in so many occasions, from a simple greeting all the way to a birthday card. It will be available soon on Etsy. I’ll keep you posted.


8 Jul

Call me old fashioned but nothing beats getting a handwritten thank you card. I also love to write them. Here are a couple of personal stationery sets I have done in the past. Always so much fun to do.

Hello Tiny Little World of Mine!!

6 Jul

Hello World!! Or at least a little state known as Texas. I am so excited to share my love for paper. And by love I really mean obsession. So if you are like me and have a problem throwing away a really beautiful invitation, buy wrapping paper that is too beautiful to use and love the smell of fresh ink on paper, than you and me have a lot in common my friend. So join me as I journey into the letterpress world. Hope you have as much fun as I do.

Hello Ya'll

Say a Little Hello

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