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15 Nov

After a much needed cleaning session, my new press Chandler was ready to print. With a little elbow grease and tons of simple green, I was able to remove 100 years of ink buildup, rust and old paint. Humm..(eyes tearing up)….I am totally in love with my new press. He prints beautifully with crisp lines and bold colors. Here is a little sneak peek at our holiday card.

Sookie keeping an eye out and making sure everything runs smoothly.



18 Oct

It has been one of the craziest weekends of my life. My husband and I drove to Oklahoma to pick up my first Chandler and Price letterpress. What we thought was going to be a one day trip ended up being a two day saga. Though it could have totally been a nightmare, this weekend ended up being incredibly rewarding and a story we will be sharing with our friends and family for many years to come.

So after a 7 hour drive and many beers later, I am very proud to introduce to you our new 1000lb letterpress: CHANDLER BING LANE PRICE (or as you may call him CHANDLER). I will be sharing my CHANDLER adventures with you guys every step of the way.

And special thanks to my wonderful husband for making this all happen.


24 Sep

I always love beautiful calendars. It’s so hard to throw them away after the year has flown by.  I end up reusing the art from the calendars to spruce up a picture frame or put some framed work up on the bare patch of a wall. Check these beauties out because it’s already time to start planning for next year.

These are from New Jersey based letterpress shop Norman’s Printery.

Paper Source always has such a good selection of calendars and planning tools.

I can’t get over these monthly planners from Moleskine. A different color for every month?! Does it defeat the purpose if you don’t actually write in them?

Miles of Light created this beautiful handmade feather one sheet calendar that would be beautiful above any desk.

How cute are these monthly planners with hand drawn covers and pastel hues from Letter C Designs.

{pictures via Paper Source, Light for Miles, Moleskines and Norman’s Printery}


13 Sep

When you think of music posters, you automatically go to screen printing (I know I have my fair share of them hanging on my walls) but the folks over at Hatch Show Print were some of the pioneers in poster making. They are, in fact, the oldest letterpress shop in America and when you walk into their shop, you take a step back in time. They have produced posters for Country Music Hall of Fame legends Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Bill Monroe (just to name a few). What makes them so unique is the fact that they use old woodblocks, metal type, metal plates and hand carved blocks to compose their posters. These days, almost all letterpress art you see has been created on the computer and sent off to have plates made. Hatch Show Print are true craftsmen and work with the traditional materials to make their posters timeless.

You might remember the June 2009 Anthropologie catalog, it was absolutely beautiful. Anthropologie and Hatch Show Print teamed up to produce the eye-catching book.

I can’t wait to get up to Nashville and get my little piece of history.

{ pictures via Hatch Show Print and Anthropologie}


30 Aug

I had the great pleasure of working with Chad and Tressie Zellner of Two Pair Photography. This adorable couple is expecting their first baby Zellner. It was so much fun to collaborate on colors and looks. We created this adorable elephant design and made sure to print it in their baby colors (yellow, orange and red).

It was a great feeling to be able to return the favor, after they did such a wonderful job with our wedding and engagement photos. I can’t wait to see the all the amazing photos that are going to come about once cute little baby Zellner is born.

Here is a little video of the Baby Zellner Thank You card on press while printing the orange plate first.



5 Aug

Who knew that printing plaid was possible by letterpress?! Considering each color has to be printed separately…..sigh…so dreamy. I am always blown away with Studio On Fire and how they push letterpressing to the next level.

{pictures via Studio On Fire}


26 Jul

Always fun to go see what One Canoe Two is up to. Their Etsy shop is filled with whimsical handmade paper goods. But what really caught my eye, was the presidential poster. I mean, it’s  Guess Who- The Presidential Edition.

These letterpress coasters are super cute. I don’t know if I could bring myself to place any drinks on them.

And these versatile letterpress labels are great to have around the house to keep your organized.

{ pictures via One Canoe Two }


21 Jul

Sorry I have been a little behind on posting. I have been so busy building and publishing my brand new website for Salt + Pepper Press.

So when you get a chance,  dash over thesaltpepper.com and check it out.


16 Jul

I found this great letterpress project from Studio On Fire. It’s a perfect example on the behind-the-scenes action of the letterpress world. Here is a quick glimpse into the art of letterpress printing from start to finish.

First comes concept and sketching of ideas
Next is recreating the sketch as vector art on the computer
Once the art is created on the computer it gets sent off to be made into photopolymer plates (which look like big ugly stickers).
And the final step is printing!!

I can’t wait to get to it this weekend.

Happy weekend!!!

{photos via Studio On Fire}


14 Jul

In honor of Bastille Day, let’s take a “promenade” through beautiful french inspired paper. I don’t know about you, but today is going to be filled with delicious crepes, mussels, bread, wine and my favorite….cheese! Wishing everyone “joyeusee fetes”.

pic via Sycamore Street Press

I am trying to figure a place in my house to hang these beautiful paper cut map of Paris.

It’s amazing to see what people can produce with just paper and a blade.

pics via Famille Summer Belle

pics via Studio Kmo

pics via Lark

via Blue Ribbon Design

pic via Duet Letterpress

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