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28 Apr

Here is a sneak peek at our new Salt + Pepper Press nursery poster. This adorable art poster can be fully customized with your nursery colors and baby’s name. With its’ bright colors, vintage inspired graphics and Mother Goose nostalgia, it’s sure to be a sweet addition to any nursery.



13 Sep

When you think of music posters, you automatically go to screen printing (I know I have my fair share of them hanging on my walls) but the folks over at Hatch Show Print were some of the pioneers in poster making. They are, in fact, the oldest letterpress shop in America and when you walk into their shop, you take a step back in time. They have produced posters for Country Music Hall of Fame legends Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Bill Monroe (just to name a few). What makes them so unique is the fact that they use old woodblocks, metal type, metal plates and hand carved blocks to compose their posters. These days, almost all letterpress art you see has been created on the computer and sent off to have plates made. Hatch Show Print are true craftsmen and work with the traditional materials to make their posters timeless.

You might remember the June 2009 Anthropologie catalog, it was absolutely beautiful. Anthropologie and Hatch Show Print teamed up to produce the eye-catching book.

I can’t wait to get up to Nashville and get my little piece of history.

{ pictures via Hatch Show Print and Anthropologie}


26 Jul

Always fun to go see what One Canoe Two is up to. Their Etsy shop is filled with whimsical handmade paper goods. But what really caught my eye, was the presidential poster. I mean, it’s  Guess Who- The Presidential Edition.

These letterpress coasters are super cute. I don’t know if I could bring myself to place any drinks on them.

And these versatile letterpress labels are great to have around the house to keep your organized.

{ pictures via One Canoe Two }


14 Jul

In honor of Bastille Day, let’s take a “promenade” through beautiful french inspired paper. I don’t know about you, but today is going to be filled with delicious crepes, mussels, bread, wine and my favorite….cheese! Wishing everyone “joyeusee fetes”.

pic via Sycamore Street Press

I am trying to figure a place in my house to hang these beautiful paper cut map of Paris.

It’s amazing to see what people can produce with just paper and a blade.

pics via Famille Summer Belle

pics via Studio Kmo

pics via Lark

via Blue Ribbon Design

pic via Duet Letterpress


9 Jul

I have a total girl crush! Jessica Hische is only 25 years old, and has already made a huge name for herself in the design and typography community. I drool over her daily letter blog, Daily Drop Cap, where she creates a capital letter every day in a completely new and fresh way. Her website is also a very dangerous place to get lost in. It’s filled with so much beautiful typography that you can’t help but start doodling your own on some scratch paper. If your heart goes pitter patter like mine does at the sight of these, then scoot on over to her online store and get some for yourself.

all images via jessicahische.com

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